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Rabu, 21 November 2007

7 Characteristics of Leaders

Jim Hart The following information is an excerpt from our "Keys To Success" Business kit...
There are seven (7) primary characteristics of leaders and successful people that are worthy of mention as we close this part of the material and these personal qualities can be found in almost every successful person...

Successful people know exactly what they want and constantly strive to get it. They have a definite purpose or chief aim in life and focus their personal time producing the results.
Successful people are constantly setting reasonable goals and take action to accomplish those goals. This may cause them to s! acrifice for the short-term but that is O.K. because they will accomplish their goal and their life will be better for it.
Successful people are organized. They plan, readjust their plans and constantly think of more efficient ways to get things done. They plan each and every step to getting their goals. They make short term plans, medium term plans and long term plans and follow up until the job gets done.

Successful people make decisions and stick by them. They make their decisions quickly and change them slowly if at all. They tend to make their decisions based on the "facts" and not "guesses".
Successful People are disciplined. They apply themselves to the tasks required of their goals and plans backing those goals until they get the job done. They work long hours without complaint because they know that intelligently applied time will help them secure the object of their desire.
Successf ul people are persistent. They simply do not quit when the going gets tough. They realize that WINNERS NEVER QUIT AND QUITTERS NEVER WIN. They stick by their decisions, constantly applying effort toward reaching their goals and, if they fail, they realize that failure is only temporary unless a person has decided to quit permanently. There is no such thing as permanent failure. The only failure that is permanent is that which a person accepts as permanent.
Successful people have positive attitudes and they are honest in all their business dealing. They spend their time on worthy goals and doing good things where they work or in the communities they serve.

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